Star Formation: What goes on around young massive stars?

Introduction Astronomers are continuing to increase our understanding of star formation. Recently, a team of astronomers led by Jimenez-Serra published a paper reporting their observations of a disk of gas and dust around a young massive star. In the paper, the astronomers report observations of warping indicating orbiting planets or a binary system as well […]

Can Dark Energy be studied using Gravitational Waves?

Introduction Before talking about dark energy, we need to talk about gravitational waves. In his theory of General Relativity, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. Since then, astronomers have recognized the usefulness it provides for humanity to understand the universe in new ways. Much like what radio astronomy did in the 1930s. With […]

Could gravitinos be the solution to the Hubble Tension?

Physicists have theorized that supersymmetric dark matter particles could be the solution to the Hubble Tension. One of these supersymmetric particles could be the hypothetical gravitino. The gravitino is the supersymmetric partner of the as of yet undiscovered graviton, the hypothesized messenger particle for gravity. The Hubble Tension and Supersymmetry A research paper recently published […]

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